WordPress Twenty Twenty Theme – Mission WP Spartans 300 Resumed
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : November 1, 2019

Here it comes Mission #WPSpartans300. Resuming the mission from Task # 78 with more passion and energy. Temporary delay was due to my research work. I’m back.

In this short video, I announced officially that we are resuming WordPress Training Tasks once again. Secondly, I talked about WordPress Version 5.3 (November 12). This version will be shipped with brand new default theme Twenty Twenty. Theme is built upon Chaplin, a well know WordPress Theme developed by Anders.

WordPress twenty Twenty Theme is all about block editor enhancement, mobile-first web approach, typography etc. I also talked about upcoming WP trends in 2020. Get ready.

We’ll take this training to Task # 100. I’ll also share with you other useful tips as always. I also talked about Bootstrap and two plugins from Google.

Freelance Pakistan is a community of Freelancers for Freelancers. Keep on learning. Keep on earning. Your Fiverr and UpWork profiles will see a lot many changes in 2020. Before that transition, get ready and get well prepared. I’m telling you now 🙂

Mission 9MB will also be resumed soon.

My name is Farooq, and I’m your Spartan Chief. I won’t let my community down. Some delays are inevitable, but I’m back now.