WordPress Spartans 300 in 2020 – 22 Tasks in 5 Days – Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : February 9, 2020

OK. #WPSpartans300. Here comes the time when we enter the mountains with courage and passion. You waited and waited and waited for so long. But you never QUIT. Spartans Never Quit.
WordPress is our Mission, and we will not betray our commitment. Apologies for the delay caused due to my Research Work. 22 WordPress Tasks are ready. Get ready to digest the load of valuable information in 5 consecutive days. All tuts are ready. Being scheduled as we speak.
In this Video Message, my aim is to share with you this great moment. Yes, I’m excited. Yes, I’m am. My #Spartans are very dear to me. I won’t let you DOWN I promised.
In next 5 days, you will explore:
1) WordPress in a Professional Way (Step by Step)
2) Themes and Plugins
3) Freelancing Jobs/ Projects (Upwork, Fiverr etc)
4) Future of WordPress and BEST Approaches
5) To invent the WHEEL or not to invent it.
6) Typography, Opensource Code, Color Schemes, HTML barebone structure, Template, WP_Query, Loop, Advanced Functions and Customizer along with Gutenberg. WOW. A lot more to come in 22 Videos in just 5 days. Already recorded. This time, no more talks. Just ACTION.
I’m Farooq, and I’m back to lead you from the front.
WordPress Theme Repositories and Freelancing Projects await us. Let’s stand on toes and say aloud HOOOO HAAAAA.
Once we reach Task 100, we will start #Mission9MB plus advanced WordPress Projects as per need of the hour.
Get ready. Starting from today and onward… 22 Tasks. 22 Tutorials. Just 5 Days.
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