WordPress Jobs Freelance Business Model FAQs – Facebook Live Session
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : May 9, 2019

Another Facebook Live Session about FAQs about WordPress Jobs and Future of Freelancing and Freelance Business Model.

I usually try to answer questions asked by #Spartans and other Freelance Pakistan Subscribers on:

As a lot many fellows couldn’t attend that session; therefore, it was inevitable to upload the same for them on our YouTube Channel.

In this live session, following questions were answered in detail and with easy to understand examples:

1) What type of WordPress Jobs can I do at specific stage of my learning?
2) What skill set is needed to apply on different WP Jobs?
3) How to work as a team?
4) What is future Freelance Business Model?
5) What is Future of UpWork/ Fiverr/ Freelancer business?
6) How to choose futuristic skill set?

And a lot many additional questions.

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