WordPress Divi Modules Mastery – Part 9 The End – Full Width Modules – Mission Divi Zee 2019
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : October 26, 2019

WordPress Divi Modules Mastery Part 9, Phase 2 Last Episode Step by Step under #MissionDiviZee2019 by Syed Wajdan Zeerak. Full width code module, Full width Image module , Full width menu etc

Diving into Divi’s Full Width Modules…

Zeerak is one of my passionate #Spartans. I asked him to learn Divi Theme and Builder. Now he is making and creating WordPress Sites and Themes with the help of Divi, a well known WP Drag and Drop Builder Framework by Elegant Themes.

He is also one of the youngest freelancers from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh region. There are other teenagers too. We need to encourage our young birds to use their wings. We need to help them learn how to fly.

In this tutorial, #Zeerak enters Divi Full Width Modules Zone and explains all the full width modules available to us. This is the last episode of Divi Phase 2 and Part 9 of Modules Series. In Part 1-8 we learnt about a lot many modules Divi offers. In this tutorial, we are learning about:
1)Full Width Image Code
2)Full Width Header
3)Full Width Image
4)Full Width Slider
5)Full Width Menu
6)Full Width Portfolio
7)Full Width Post Title
8)Full Width Post Slider

He demonstrated how we can access these modules. He started his discussion with Full width code Module. He explained how to embed Google maps using the Code Module as using maps module requires a paid API key from google. He also explained all configurations, set up and design elements available in Divi Builder. He explored and shared with us different creative possibilities for all nine modules mentioned in the intro.

I am confident that I have assigned a dedicated teenager. You’d love the way he explains technical things the easy way.I’m very happy with his demonstration style. He himself is a fast learner. I wish him all the best. Mission #WPSpartans300 is a great success as that move motivated a lot many young freelancers to polish their skills and learn to acquire new skills.

Get Google Maps API Key here: https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/

#MissionDiviZee2019 is its extension. WOW.

Note : All these tuts are in mix of Urdu / English Languages. Mainly it’s for Urdu / Hindi Speakers for now.

Regards Farooq

Zeerak has used Divi here:


He is a shining student, and he is Divi Explorer. Let’s appreciate him in his learning endeavors.