Why Mission 9 Months Branding – Motivational Trigger
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : April 17, 2019

Here comes 9 Mission Branding i.e. #Mission9MB. Absolutely Free SEO, Marketing and Branding Training for 9 Months. The best ever free training sessions for youngsters and freelancers.

We started a mission back in 2018 i.e. #WPSpartans300. We’re in the last phase of WordPress Theme Development Training. That was for 3 months.

This 9 Months branding training will be step by step. We’ll complete it in 9 months and three phases:

PHASE # 01: Basic SEO/ Marketing/ Branding Training along with English Language Proficiency. Speaking and Writing Skills. I’ll make sure you get the ideas of writing job proposals.

PHASE # 02 : Intermediate Level SEO/ Digital Marketing and Branding Sessions along with tools available (free and paid).

PHASE # 03: Advanced Projects of SEO/ Marketing and Branding. In this phase, we’ll explore top level things. And you’re going to love what’s next.

Hello, my name is Farooq, and I’m a top rated Upwork Freelancer. I’m starting this 9 months training for people like me from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

In this introductory session, I shared with you the philosophy and motivational trigger behind Mission 9MB.

9 is a well know, full of secrets and sacred number in almost all religions and cultures. In this session, I talked about it with special reference to Islam, Christianity and Hinduism.

9 sits at top of whole numbers list. I talked about its Mathematical values. I also revealed a spiritual secret (my personal findings). I talked about 1 and 9. Let see what I have for you.

I also shared my plan.

I believe you’d love this training as well.

Please visit https://www.freelancepakistan.com/mission9mb/ for further information.

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I’m Farooq, and I’m online for you.