Why Fiverr Buyer Request Not Shown – Fiverr Complete Guide 2018 – Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : August 29, 2018

Fiverr Buyer Request Keon Show Nhin Hoti? A couple of our subscribers asked in the comments section about Buyer request. Here comes Saad Ali Bhatti with a solution to your problem.

Fiverr is an online Freelancing Platform to earn and make money online. When students or other freelancers make their profiles on Fiverr, they get confused as they don’t see Buyer Request. In this video, Saad Ali explains why Buyer Request is not shown to newbies. He also shares with us tips, secrets and techniques. This tutorial is recorded in Urdu and our Fiverr Freelancers (especially newbies) from India can also watch, learn and understand.

This tutorial is for those in particular who are channel subscribers and they inquired about some solution to the problem “Buyer Request Keon Show Nhin Hoti”.

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