What is SEO – Mission9MB – Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : February 8, 2020

Here it comes #Mission9MB with first lecture by Saad Ali Bhatti ‘What is SEO? in Urdu/ Hindi. This tutorial inaugurates the mission in 2020 on regular basis.
You have been waiting since 2019, and we value that. Yes, we do. As always, we are starting from basic concepts of Search Engine Optimization. Saad Ali Bhatti tells us about:
1) Basic Concept of SEO.
2) Why do we need it?
3) What is the importance of Search Engine Ranking?
4) How does Search Engine Crawlers/ Bots/ Google Spiders etc index the sites?
5) What’s the role of keyword in site’s optimization process?
7) How bloggers/ and online shops struggle hard to appear on first page of Google?

And much more. Just basic concepts. Nothing complicated. As the mission advances, more advanced SEO topics will be covered such as:
1) Local SEO
2) Amazon Affiliate Marketing (And General Concepts)
3) Upwork/ Fiverr Jobs related to SEO and Marketing.

Stay tuned and a lot more to coe in upcoming days. Sir Farooq will be up and running in a couple more days. Dear Friends! Get ready. It’s the time. Let’s make 2020 one of the best learning plus earning years ever. It;s right time. Let’s do it together.

Wish you all the best.
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