True Success Story of Syed Tahir | Top Rated Freelancer and Successful Entrepreneur
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : July 19, 2019

Syed Tahir’s True Success Story from a School Teacher to a Successful Entrepreneur, Top Rated Upwork Freelancer, and a Small Business Owner.

This was your demand. You asked for it. Here comes Tahir narrating his story during recent Murree Trip. How did he make such an exemplary progress? What did he achieve? How did he go through hardships? His vision, philosophy ans style of exploring new vistas? And a lot many useful and practical tips from a freelancer for freelancers from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Tahir, indeed, is a pro PHP programmer. He completed his education as a .Net Microsoft Certified buddy. Later on, he explored on his own his real path i.e. Freelancing and starting his own company.

Freelance Pakistan is his brain child. I believe youngsters will definitely find inspiration and passion in this self narrated story by Syed Tahir.

There are three key points that I conclude from his story:

1) Live your dreams. Think big. Analyse the situation and decide on your own.

2) Never look back. Keep on moving . As Tahir says ,”Success is a step by step process.”/

3) Learn new skills. Polish existing skills and explore your hidden potential.

You can contact Tahir here :

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