The Syllables and Vowel Sounds – English for Freelancers
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : May 1, 2019

The role of Syllables in Connected Speech? How to count syllables and pronounce English Words? Let’s practice 1 to 7 syllable words.

In this tutorial, under #Mission9MB, I tried to share my Phonetics Knowledge with you all. You demanded this. Here we go. It’s a step by step guide to help you master accurate articulation of Syllables.

What is a syllable?

Component / Part/ Chunk/ Piece of English Word containing one vowel sound with or without surrounding consonants. ہجے
Remember: Do not count VOWELS but Vowel Sounds to guess number of syllables in a word. For example, Pleez and Puh-Lees (Please & Police)
Use online tools/ resources to learn more about IPA and Syllables.

English is a Stress-Timed Language. Urdu/ Hindi are Syllable Timed Languages.

Stress in English Language:

Relative Emphasis – الفاظ کے مختلف حصوں پر زور دینا
Means longer / shorter / louder / higher / lower pitch
American Vs Brits … Different Stress Address – AD-dress ad-DRESS Advertisement – ADver VS adVER
Urdu / Hindi are Syllable –Timed languages. .English is Stress-Timed Language. It means syllables have contrast.
Usually stress is on first syllable in 2 syllable nouns and adjectives.
Stress is on last syllable in two syllable Verbs (usually).
Stress is on Second Last Syllable if the word ends in –ic e.g Nu-MER-ic
Stress is on Second Last Syllable if the word ends in –sion e.g Com-PAS-sion
Stress is on Second Last Syllable if the word ends in –tion e.g Dis-tri-BU-tion
Stress is on 3rd from last syllable if the word ends in sy,cy, ty, phy, gy, al etc
For example : de-MOC-ra-cy,  pho-TOG-ra-phy, cos-MOL-o-gy, hy-POC-ri-sy
Stress on Key Sentences/ Topic Sentencesm Logical Words, Keywords. Less stress on Auxiliary Verbs etc.

We also practiced 1 to 7 syllable words.

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