The Project of Life and We The Freelancers – Freelance Pakistan Key Message
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : January 2, 2021

Life is the Project and We are the Freelancers. Who is our Client?
This is ‘Food for Thought’ and key message from Freelance Pakistan to start 202. Let’s make our World a better place. With peace and harmony, we can find one Divine Link. Let’s raise from our lower conscious to hook with the higher conscious.
When we’re born, we start our life like a newly created blank Photoshop Document. The project of life is layered. There are many types of layers stacked on top of one another. To see through, we need to make a layer transparent.
Look at the famous Content Management System i.e. WordPress, there are millions and millions of website built on one core CMS each with its own frontend style and form.
Look at the YouTube, such a wonderful platform. One platform, and there are millions and millions of YT channels on it each with its own content.
How to work on this project wisely?
What is reality? Subjective Vs Objective? Absolute Vs Relative?
How do perceive differently?
Corona is the common ground. It has become common reality for all of us with same SOPs of washing hands and we all maintain social distance the same way.
We need to find more common grounds so that human populations could be brought more closer in the best possible harmonious and peaceful way.

This is a key message for those who think and for those who love thinkers.

Farooq Hussain Shah
Freelance Pakistan