The Kitten Was Rescued – Spartans Spirit 2019
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : May 13, 2019

How a newly born kitten was rescued from 4 storey building deep stinky hole? Somehow, the kitten fell down. 48 hours had already passed. The cat mom was crying non stop.

Someone had to take risk to save precious life. The kitten was stuck down there. The hole was lonely, dark and stinky. The kitten was so small that its eyes were hardly open. It was thirsty, hungry and gloomy. Extremely terrified it was!

Finally, the #SpartansSpirit dominated. Decided to climb down. It was risky but the life was very precious.

Deep down in the hole, it was hard to breathe. Less oxygen. Sewerage Lines were everywhere. All toilets and washrooms were on this side,. In the holy month of Ramadhan, I had to go through this to save a life.

The mom cat was sad. She was requesting. Help… Help… Please save my kitten….

And the kitten was rescued. Alhamdulillah.

Hello, my name is Farooq, and I’m uploading this video to share with you all an act of kindness. I can’t describe the delight my soul felt when the mom cat kissed its kitten after 48 hours. Instantly, she started feeding it her milk. WOW. Hats off to all mothers. They are always loving and caring.

Had the mom cat been able to speak, she would have uttered “Thank You, Farooq!”. I can feel the feelings of a sad mom.

Happy to serve the life mission. Happy to succeed.

Thank you Lala Pervaiz, the guard. Zeerak, Daniyal and Ali Hadi for staying with me.

Sometimes, a freelancing project, absolutely done for God’s Happiness is worth mentioning. It’s one of those projects entirely done to play our role in saving precious lives.

WOW! and WOW…. Happiness…. Spiritual Delight… I can;t describe…