The IPA Pronunciation Guide 2019 – English for Freelancers
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : April 19, 2019

Why can’t we speak English? What’s the technical flaw? How to produce melodious Speech Sounds? Accent? English for Freelancers? And much more….

Let’s learn to pronounce 44 sounds of English.

In this tutorial, under #Mission9MB, I tried to share my Phonetics Knowledge with you all. You demanded this. Here we go. It’s a step by step guide to help you master accurate articulation of consonant and vowel sounds.

There are 12 Vowels + 24 Consonants + 08 Diphthongs = 44 Sounds.

I used Flute Analogy to describe Human Vocal Tract. We discussed three important stages to produce sounds (meaningful sounds):

1) Respiration : Lungs Stage (Energy)
2) Phonation (Larynx)
3) Articulation

We also discussed stops, fricatives, affricates, nasal sounds etc. We practiced glottal sounds with special reference to Arabic tajweed.

We discussed Lips, Teeth, Jaws, Alveolar, velar etc. This is the mistake that our Education System has been repeating since long. We need to understand sounds of any language to be a better speaker. The problem is that we’re filled with fears of all sorts. Our examination system fails to help us shape up our speech organs. I highlighted a few key mistakes/ errors/ blunders.

Finally, we practiced all 44 sounds with practical examples. My aim is to help out young freelancers from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh so that they could communicate well in their freelancing career. Our clients are mainly from USA, UK, Canada, and Australia etc. We need to understand and learn English Language to work on projects.
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