Task 94 – HTML to WordPress Conversion 01 Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : February 23, 2020

Task 94 is all about HTML 2 WordPress Conversion under #WPSpartans300 Mission for Custom WordPress Theme Development from Scratch/ step by step.

In this task, we created a blank WP theme from underscores.me. We moved html template files and folders in newly created theme.

Whenever we convert any html template 2 WordPress, we follow the following steps:

1) Create Localhost Environment.
2) Install WordPress. Create WordPress Website (with or without underscores.me)
3) Move HTML template files within your WP website directory.
4) Enqueue all styles and scripts in functions.php as per WP Codex.
5) Move header content from index.html to header.php
6) Move footer stuff to footer.php
7) Move body stuff to index.php or page.php or front-page.php
8) At this stage, images are hard coded and WordPress won’t recognize them. For that we need to echo get template directory uri () with image path etc.
9) Likewise, move all other assets accordingly.
10) When site is semi dynamic, it’s time to go for theme options, customizer options etc step by step. Let’s explore WordPress Codex with passionate commitment.

Hello, this is Farooq, and I’m online for my #Spartans. #WPSpartans300 Mission is my passion, and I won’t let you down.

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