Task 82 – WordPress Theme Development from Scratch – Coding Phase – Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : February 12, 2020

Task 82 is a step forward under our #WPSpartans300 Mission. We are learning to create a Custom WordPress Theme from Scratch in Urdu / Hindi. In Task 81, we prepared our index.html file.

This task discussed further steps:

1) First of all, I encourage my #Spartans to keep their morale high. We will keep on chasing our set dreams for sure. We won’t QUIT.
2) Then I answered a couple questions asked by three of our spartans. First question was about Font-Face (css). We use fontface when host fonts on self basis. We experimented with Google Fonts and Urdu Web Server fonts. Mehr Nastaliq and Asad etc. Also discussed SWAP. We use swap so that browser could present fallback font before our font loads. It helps us in initial load time optimization.
3) We used a couple websites to create web2font kit. We can also use Font Squirrel for this. Make sure, the fonts are not copyrighted.
4) We created a font kit for Asad font and used it in our html template.
5) Then we downloaded FontAwesome and played with it.
6) We also inspected element and found 3 errors in the console. We fixed those errors step by step. It needs further treatment, and we’ll discuss it in next task i.e. Task 83.
7) We also tried a new Google Font for our heading tag i.e. Abril Fatface.
8) We practiced Bootstrap basic structure.
9) We talked about custom IDs and Classes to override normal bootstrap behavior. We practiced Bootstrap’s Display-1 to Display-6 classes.
10) We also learnt how to use FontAwesome Icons in i class, and how can we add custom classes to change default styles.

Keep on learning. Keep on earning via Upwork, Fiverr etc.

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