Task 81 – WordPress Theme Development from Scratch – Coding Phase – Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : February 11, 2020

Task 81 – WordPress Theme Development from Scratch – in Urdu – Hindi with index.html preparation. We also worked on bootstrap, font awesome, normalize.css and Google Fonts

This task covers the following:
1) We started from where we left in Task 80.
2) We downloaded Blank HTML 5 from Github. Used head to head code for index.html.
2) We downloaded normalize.css. Discussed why we need this file. Added it to index html file.
3) We downloaded bootstrap and added css and js in our html template.
4) Went to Google Fonts. Selected two fonts i.e. Montserrat and Raleway. Customized and added the cdn link to head of the file.
5) Then added scripts before the body tag ends.
6) We also played around color schemes. Explored color.adobe.com and https://coolors.co/ website.

Also learnt how to:
1) Open a folder in Notepad
2) Keyboard short for comment/ remarks ctrl + q or k.
3) How to prepare our css for base styles/ local styles.
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