Task 41 : CSS 3 Training for WordPress – Part 8 – WP Spartans 300
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : December 27, 2018

CSS is Visual Representation of the web content. CSS3 training for WordPress is part of our Three Months Absolutely Free WordPress training under WP Spartans Mission 300. This is Part 8 and Task 41.

In this Task 41 of CSS Training for WordPress, we explored in detail the following:

1) CSS transform Property
2) Transitions in CSS
3) CSS3 Animations (Properties and Values)

While talking about 2D Transform, we practiced:

1) Translate()
2) Rotate()
3) Scale()
4) Skew()
5) Matrix()

In 3D transform, we add rotateZ().

While playing around animation properties, we talked about @keyframes. How to use them in CSS and how we can add from and to positions along with 0% to 100% properties with different values.
We also talked about transition-timing-function.

We also discussed 4 selectors:

1) Descendant Combinator
2) Child Combinator
3) Adjacent Sibling Combinator
4) General Sibling Combinator

We demonstrated all CSS Selectors and Combinators with examples. We also answered the following questions:

1) What’s difference between transition and animation in CSS?

While p

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