Task 32 : HTML5 Training for WordPress – Part 5 – WP Spartans 300
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : December 19, 2018

HTML is basic markup language. HTML5 training for WordPress is part of our Three Months Absolutely Free WordPress training under WP Spartans Mission 300. This is Part 5 and Task 32.

All WordPress Themes Markup is built with the help of HTML5 (these days). With Hyper text MarkUp Language, we create basic structure and schema of any WP site. Once the structure is ready, we add styles with the help of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). We add bells and whistles with help of JavaScript, and to make any static site dynamic, we use PHP and PHPMyAdmin (Database).

In this Task 32, we explored HTML5 Responsive Table MarkUp. We also practiced a few more HTML5 new tags and elements with their relevant attributes.

We started our discussion with an important advice for young freelancers. We asked them not to opt for the freelancing projects they are trained for. First and foremost, get ready and get well prepared before you go for complicated projects. Start with easy ones first. Grow step by step. Do not rush. Haste makes waste.

Then we started our tutorial. We answered a question asked by one of our spartans/ subscribers.

1) Do we need to declare DOCTYPE for all html based web pages?

Yes, we need to do this for all pages. There are situations i.e. Landing Page, where in WordPress, we call different header.

We added new web pages and linked to main index file. Then we created an external stylesheet and linked it in the href of header.

We started created HTML 5 table with all possible tags. We applied an id and added style to make table responsive. We talked about different col spans and row spans. We also visited W3 Schools official website to practice online.

Finally, we explored new html tags on newly created pages. We copied some text from Task 31 (Freelance Pakistan YouTube Channel). Practiced different formatting and structural tags such as address, cite, abbr, dfn etc.

#WPSpartans300 is a mission. WordPress Developers from all over the world have started taking interest in this initiative. Therefore, I’m putting all my energy to make this journey wonderful and full of success.

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Let me tell you that without passion and commitment, you won’t be able to be a Rockstar WordPress Developer. It does take a lot of hard work ; however, the end result is awesome.

I will guide you step by step so that you could get results from your WordPress Training Mission. Get ready to excel as a professional developer. It’d be fun and exciting adventure.

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