Task 20 : WordPress SEO 2019 Crash Course – Part 1 – WP Spartans 300
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : November 30, 2018

How to get ready for SEO 2019 trends and standards? Types of SEO? What is SEO Checklist for On-Site and Off-Site Optimization? And much more …

In this Task # 20 (which is part # 1 of the Crash Course to master SEO Techniques for WordPress Websites. In part # 2, we’ll discuss Yoast SEO Plugin and All in One WP SEO and some other useful tips for freelancers already working on Fiverr and Upwork.

Search Engine Optimization, as we discussed in this tutorial, is a term comprised of three important keywords to understand:

1) Search … We look for something (online and offline). We quoted some examples to make our point.
2) Engine … What is the role of engine? Some examples…
3) Optimization … Getting ready … When a site is ready. It gets optimized and indexed by search crawlers and spiders.

SEO is all about getting ready to get indexed in search engines’ databases.

There are three techniques:

1) White Hat SEO technique … Legal and standard techniques …. No negative means are used to boost the seo page ranking.
2) Gray Hat Techniques …. Somewhat debatable. Between white and black.
3) Black Hat Techniques … Illegal, (in some cases, immoral) and against set standards and criterion.

If a website is found victim of black hat techniques, it’s penalized.

Then we discussed in detail the difference between on-site and off-site seo. We elaborated our points with easy to understand and practical examples.

On-Page SEO Checklist for 2019

1 First of all our site must be schematic and well structured (Codewise)
2 When Schema and Structure of the site is up to the mark, we need to take care of descriptive links, images etc.
3 We must be focused on our Keyword/s. But avoid keyword stuffing.
2 URLs or Permalinks (as we use in WordPress) must be readable, descriptive and to the point.
3 Meta Description is a must. Then comes Meta Title.
4 Add content that enriches your focused keyword. Whatever you upload, it must be in accordance with SEO Strategy.
5 Keyword rich Heading tags (H1, H2, H3 …. H6 etc)
6 Use LSI Keywords/ Keyword Synonyms. Make the text human readable. Community must find it appealing and interesting. It should convey emotional message clearly.
7 Never cross keyword Proximity level set by SEO gurus.
8 Within a site, internal linking structure is a must. It boosts up User Experience points. When a user is happy with the site, machines are happy. Else, site goes to dead zone. So, internal link structure or deep linking must be top priority.
9 Productive External Links. Beware of bad neighbors.
10 Use different variations of chosen keywords. If you’re optimizing a site for Local SEO, try to use location in titles and heading tags etc.
11 Keywords must provide information.
12 WordPress page Load is part of SEO now. Take care of your site’s load time. Defer Javascript and extra CSS files. Minification and compression is a way forward. Latency hurts SEO ranking.
13 On Site SEO also deals with Mobile Sites. Site must be responsive. It must be Mobile ready by all means.
14 Optimizes uploaded images as much as you can. Add alt tags and captions. Be descriptive. Use screen reader tags where applicable.
15 Image, Media or Video etc must be relevant to the topic under discussion on a certain web page.
16 If users are sharing your content, it enhances your authority. Focus on Page Authority. Content Authority will win in 2019 and beyond.
17 Schema or Structured Data Markups is obligatory. Use it sensibly.
18 Canonical URLs help us a lot. Else duplication hurts our ranking.
19 SEO Structure of posts and pages will determine overall SEO score.
20 Try to get web pages ready for Voice Search, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. Things are changing rapidly.
21 Inbound and Outbound Links must be keyword rich.

We also discussed off site checklist and the ‘S’ philosophy:

Signals – Search Signals: Social Signal – Success Signals
1) Schema – Systematic Approach – Structure – Strategy – Standards
3) Soundness – Simplicity
5) Search Behavior
7) Speed – Smoothness
10) Success – Sales

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