SEO 2020 – Step by Step Approach – Mission9MB in Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : February 9, 2020

Complete SEO Guide 2020 – Part 2 under #Mission9MB by Saad Ali Bhatti. In this tutorial, Saad tells us about Step by Step Approach to learn, understand and implement SEO in our Freelancing Or General Projects.
This tutorial discusses the following topics (More detailed discussion with tips and secrets is coming next):
1) Keyword Research : Keyword is the main Game Changer. You find a relevant search phrase, and BOOM. Hence, this phase is very crucial in ranking any website. Keyword Research.
Tip # 01
Research Keywords with High Search Volume and Low Competition.
Tip # 02
Try to think like a person/ customer who is in need of something. Target Terms, Phrases, Questions and Answers in Keyword Research Phase.
2) Then we discussed Competitor Research. Basically, very much like keywords, we search for those in competition (means in same niche, targeting same keywords/ selling same products etc). We do the research, and then we analyze the data to find out what’s happening in other fields i.e. Paid or Organic Search Tactics. Is the competitor using Google Ads or not? Is the traffic coming from Organic Sources? Social Media traffic etc?
3) On Page SEO & Off Page SEO.
Tip # 01
On Page SEO is all about quality of the content and quality of the way you manage the content.
Off Page SEO is for back links/ link building etc.
4) Content Audits: In this part, Saad tells us what is an SEO Audit. What is its importance in SEO Projects?
5- Technical SEO is all about overall health, well being and functionality of the website.
6- Website Design/ Website Structure. Saad discuses the importance of a nice looking, modern design in SEO Ranking Factors.
7- Google Analytics/ Performance Tracking. We track the traffic to understand the outcome of our SEO Methods.
8- Google Search Console and its importance .
9- Sitemaps. Saad tells us that it’s like a map. Search Engines love site maps.
10- In the end, Saad talks about SEO Tools.
It was brief introductory tutorial about Step by Step Approach to master SEO. If young freelancers learn one thing let say Keyword Research, they will be in good position to start earning online via Upwork and Fiverr SEO projects.

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