Refueling Mission WP Spartans 300 – Mission 9 MB – Special Message
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : July 24, 2019

We are refueling #WPSpartans300 and #Mission9MB with more passion. Both missions are in Urdu / Hindi languages so far.

Thank you all for your interest in learning. Freelance Pakistan is your channel. I’m not perfect, but I always try to be a productive member of the community. I keep on improving productivity always and in all ways. I apologies for the delays. As I had already told you, I have to take care of my Research Work and Clients Projects side by side. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. But I’m here for you. I’m Farooq Hussain Shah, and I’m online for you.

I assure you one thing …i.e. I won’t let you down.

This video is a special message for all subscribers, fans, friends and students.

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