Print Ready Business Card Complete Guide CorelDRAW in Urdu – Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : October 22, 2018

How to design print ready business card in Corel Draw? Step by Step Complete Guide from Page Settings to PDF Export. Well explained. Easy to follow.

In this video tutorial, we learnt how to design a print ready business card or visiting card for Upwork, Fiverr or all other clients in the creative or corporate sector. First of all we set up page with the help of guides and rulers. We talked about bleed area, trim area and safe zone. We also talked about:

1) Which fonts are good for standard business card designing?
2) How to choose color scheme?
3) How to export our card for printing?

We learnt how to publish to pdf from Coreldraw. We also discussed about additional color settings, print margins and registration points.

In addition, we also learnt how to download font awesome and install and use icons in our graphic design projects.

We talked about Google Icons and Google Fonts.

For detailed tutorial, please check out this playlist:

Complete Guide for Business Card in Photoshop (Can be used in CorelDRAW and Illustrator or any other design software):

To download high quality images, videos, vectors for commercial uses, please watch this video and follow along:
This is for Power Clip in CorelDRAW:

We also introduced Freelance Pakistan Games – our new effort to promote youngsters in Game Development Field. Syed Daniyal Haider is our new fellow. He recently passed his FSc from Federal Board. Former student of Punjab Group of Colleges. He recently developed and uploaded his first Android Game on Google Play store. The game is ‘Shape Frenzy’.

Please download and try his game. Encourage him. He is quite young and this starting game is fabulous indeed. He coded and designed all on his own. Appreciate his efforts.

Here is the link to download game:

We believe that Graphic Designers will find this tutorial (in Urdu and Hindi and can be followed by other language speakers easily) very productive and full of important information.

Our subscribers always demanded this, and we are here to help them out.

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