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Mission 9MB

You asked for SEO and Digital Marketing training, and we’re bringing for you 9 Months Branding Bundle full- Like WordPress training, it’d be absolutely free training for youngsters, freelancers from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Mission DIVI Zee

In this series Zeerak will teach you each and every thing of Divi, from Theme Options to Module Customization. Visual Builder to Creating Websites with Divi! The mission is divided into three phases ; Phase 1 , Phase 2 and Phase 3.

WP Spartans 300

300 Spartans will learn to unlock WP Codex. APIs will be the ultimate goal. From PSD to WordPress Conversion to WordPress Based Mobile Apps, Spartans will conquer their fears.
What our students have to say

Sir! You didn’t only teach me what is good in life but also inspired me to do good in life. You are a great teacher & a good human. Thank You for your contribution to building my life.

Hussnain Rao

Via WP Spartans 300

Great Job! Thank You for sharing your knowledge so openly without holding back. Very much appreciated, keep it coming!


Shehzad Khalil

Via Speed Opti. Live Projects

Sir, Salute & Love From India. You Promote Education & Helping People through YouTube.

Gaurav Rai

Via WP Spartans 300

What a boy he is, So Energetic! I used to fear from DIVI Theme by only listening to it’s name, but now I’ve found a good instructor, Alhamdulillah! Thank You Little Master!
Zohaib Bhutto

Via Mission Divi Zee

Nice to know knowledge which will help us in future. Farooq Sir you have a way to find the oppertunities in the problem & a very simple way to teach the same in a better way so any layman can understand, Kudos Sir!

Mohit Uniyal

Via WP Spartans 300

WordPress tutorials are available on other channels as well , but the tutorials on Moral Training on Freelance Pakistan channel are not available at any other place..


Via WP Spartans 300

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WordPress / PHP / SEO Passion Roadmap 2022 – 2023 in Urdu | Hindi

WordPress / PHP / SEO Passion Roadmap 2022 – 2023 in Urdu | Hindi

It’s #passion roadmap for #wpspartans300. I planned it for me, and I;m going to implement this Action Plan in next 16 months In Sha Allah. Let’s Learn, Earn and Grow together with respect and dignity.

WordPress Passion Roadmap Chapters :
0:00 – Introduction
1:15 – WordPress Passion Roadmap Intro
1:25 – Vision and Philosophy of Freelance Pakistan
2:45 – Why this Passion Roadmap
3:00 – Three Big Challenges for me and for you all in next 16 months
5:23 – A Challenge for #wpspartans300
7:17 – Why I go into the details
8:25 – PHP , SEO Digital Marketing & Full Stack WordPress Developer
9:09 – Collaboration Offer / Deal
11:12 – Roadmap Key Areas Explained

WordPress Spartans 300 Facebook Group

Farooq Hussain Shah
Freelance Pakistan

WordPress Learning and Earning Roadmap 2022 – 2023 in Urdu | Hindi

WordPress Learning and Earning Roadmap 2022 – 2023 in Urdu | Hindi

WordPress RoadMap for Students, Freelancers and Work-from-Home-Enthusiasts. It’s for Non Techies and Techies altogether. The video is recorded mainly in Urdu with a mix of English Usage on and off.
Is WordPress dying?
Is it worth of learning WordPress in 2022 and beyond?
What is the future of WordPress as Content Management System?
What if I’m not a coder?
How can I advance in my career as WordPress Developer?
Can I earn money? How much?
How can I sell my services online?
and so on. Questions are answered in the roadmap. Hope this will help you decide and make a plan accordingly.
Video Chapters :
0:00 – Intro
1:26 – WordPress Tour and WordPress RoadMap Intro
7:00 – WordPress Crust Level for No Code Skills
20:00 – WordPress Mantle Level For Frontend Developers
36:46 – WordPress Outer Core Level & Inner Core Level For Backend Developers aka Full Stack Developer

Farooq Hussain Shah
Freelance Pakistan

Freelance Pakistan is Back Online – Accept my Apologies

Freelance Pakistan is Back Online – Accept my Apologies

It was 21st of March and the year was 2021 when I streamed last Video Tutorial in Urdu / Hindi on Freelance Pakistan YouTube Channel. Afterwards, there occurred a long absence (definitely for good or bad reasons). However, I’m back online. I’m Farooq Hussain Shah. I’m #Spartan. I’m #Passion.
More passion. More energy. Let’s fight back together.
Freelance Market has been on the move. Things are changing rapidly. New times and new trends are all around us. Give me a couple more days. Let me brush up on a few things before we re-start our journey. From August 21, 2022, In Sha Allah, we’ll resume from the point we paused in the first place.
I need to upskill and reskill myself. I need to read blogs about WordPress, Upwork, Fiverr just to get an idea about the latest developments.
#WPSpartans300 Mission is intact.
Pray for me and help me get my tempo back.

Farooq Hussain Shah
One of the Spartans
Freelance Pakistan

Backup & Migration Quiz – Learn WordPress to Earn in Urdu Hindi

Backup & Migration Quiz – Learn WordPress to Earn in Urdu Hindi

I hope you’re doing great. This is 2nd quiz of Module # 3 “Backup & Migration : Learn WordPress to Earn Free Course” under #WPSpartans300 – Refueled Mission. Please fill in your full name, email and the country you are from in first mandatory section.

Quiz Detail:
Total Score : 100
Minimum to Qualify for Certificate : 60
Sunday, March 21, 2021 (9 PM to 11 PM) PST

Good Luck, Spartans!
Your WordPress Trainer

Google Meet Crash Course in 2021 – Urdu | Hindi

Google Meet Crash Course in 2021 – Urdu | Hindi

Google Meet is available to everyone free of cost. Use it for Home Tutions, Freelancing and Family Interactions. This is crash course to give you an in-depth overview of the features.

This crash course is in Urdu & Hindi along with English Terms and Phrases.

If you have a Google Account, you can easily use Google Meet for Video Conferencing. In this crash course, we discussed the following:

1) How can we access Google Meet (URL is meet.google.com)
2) How to create a link for meeting later.
3) How to start an instant meeting in Google Meet.
4) Detailed tour of Google Meet User Interface
5) How to change background on the fly
6) Google Meet participants: How to add and remove?
7) How to hide and pin yourself
8) How to present and share a window, a tab or entire screen with participants
9) How to deny and admit entry?
10) Whiteboard
11) Audio Video Settings for Google Meeting
12) How to chat with meeting participants
13) How to use Google Meet for educational purposes?

It’s an effort to bridge the educational gap between students, teachers, parents and administration. We can use free apps to stay in teach as long as the covid19 situation prevails. I mentioned a couple youtube channels just to make my point clear.

Note: Let me know if you need a detailed crash course on Zoom for Teachers/ Students/ Parents in 2021 and I’ll make one for you. Freelancers and Youtubers can use such free apps to create content and discuss their projects with their clients.

Farooq Hussain Shah
#WPSpartans300 #FreelancePakistan

M4T1 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Speed & Optimization Basic Concepts – Urdu | Hindi

M4T1 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Speed & Optimization Basic Concepts – Urdu | Hindi

Module 4 : WordPress Speed & Optimization in 2021. This is Task 1 of Learn WordPress to Earn Course under #WPSpartans300 Refueled Mission 2021.

In this very first task of fourth module of 100% free course for absolute WordPress Beginners, we covered the following:

1) What is importance of a speedy website?
2) Different analogies from day to day life.
3) The role of good hosting in WordPress Performance.
4) How to analyze a WP Website in 2021
5) Different terms such as render blocking js and render-blocking css, minification, defer, lazyload etc.
6) GTMetrix, Google Pagespeed Index , Think with Google etc.
7) Backup of WordPress Website
8) Step by Step Speed & Optimization journey begins now

Farooq Hussain Shah
Your WordPress Instructor/ Trainer,

[2021] Elementor Crash Course – How to Create One Page WordPress Website

[2021] Elementor Crash Course – How to Create One Page WordPress Website

Elementor WordPress Page Builder Crash Course 2021 under #WPSpartans300 Refueled Mission.
Step by step and very detailed Free WordPress Mini Course for WP Lovers, Freelancers, Spartans and Students. This course is in Urdu / Hindi Medium along with WordPress related Technical Terms in English.
We covered almost all bits and pieces of Elementor Page Builder. It took me 7 hours to record, edit, render and upload this tutorial for my community. I believe you’d feel the passion within.
The overview of the crash course is as under:
1) What is Elementor Page Builder?
2) How to install and configure Elementor?
3) How to create WordPress Menu via Customize and Menus tab?
4) How to set up Elementor Settings (Default Colors, Fonts etc)
5) How to explore and generate Color Schemes/ Palettes.?
6) How to understand Elementor UI?
7) Elementor Page Builder vs Theme Builder
8) Elementor Free vs Elementor Pro
9) Margin vs Padding Vs Z-index
10) Sections, Inner Sections and Columns
11) Widgets, Elements, Blocks
12) How to create Custom Links for One Page WordPress Website with Elementor in 2021?
13) How to install, configure and make use of Envato Elements and Elementor Addons (to create and edit header & footer blocks)?
14) How to edit elements like a pro?
15) How to use w3schools editor to practice padding and margin?
16) How to add logo and favicon to Elementor Website?

Farooq Shah
Your WordPress Instructor / Trainer

M3T8 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Giving WordPress Its Own Directory – Urdu | Hindi

M3T8 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Giving WordPress Its Own Directory – Urdu | Hindi

Module # 3 WordPress Backup & Migration Task # 8 of Learn WordPress to Earn Course under #WPSpartans300 Refueled Mission 2021.

This is last task of module three. In this task, we discussed the following:

1) WordPress 5.7 Esperanza Release with 66 enhancements and 127 bug fixes.
2) HTTP to HTTPS one click solution
3) Robots API
4) iFrame Lazy Load Attribute
5) WordPress Editor UI changes
6) Revision of previous tasks.
7) Giving WordPress Its Own Directory
8) How to move WordPress from root directory to subdirectory.
9) How to edit index.php and .htaccess for redirection
10) How to search plugins to find and replace URLs.
11) require( dirname( __FILE__ ) . ‘/wordpress/wp-blog-header.php’ );
12) How to change password from PHPMyAdmin
13) Permalinks
14) Wordpress Address URL vs Site Address URL
15) What is URL? Three parts of URL i.e. Domain Name, Protocol and the path.

Quiz two is on March 21, 2021 (Sunday). Total score will be 100. Passing score will be 60 (for certificate).

Farooq Shah
Your WordPress Instructor / Trainer

[UPDATED] Upcoming tax changes to your YouTube earnings in Urdu | Hindi

[UPDATED] Upcoming tax changes to your YouTube earnings in Urdu | Hindi

YouTube Content Creators outside US might have received this email “[Important] Upcoming Tax Changes to Your YouTube Earnings”. Following is the content of the email:
“We’re reaching out because Google will be required to deduct U.S. taxes from payments to creators outside of the U.S. later this year (as early as June 2021). Over the next few weeks, we’ll be asking you to submit your tax info in AdSense to determine the correct amount of taxes to deduct, if any apply. If your tax info isn’t provided by May 31, 2021, Google may be required to deduct up to 24% of your total earnings worldwide.

What do I need to do?
In the next few weeks you will receive an email to submit your tax information in AdSense. The online tax tool in AdSense is six steps and will ask you a series of questions to guide you through the process to determine if any U.S. taxes apply. For more information on these changes and a list of tax info to prepare, visit our Help Center.

Why is this happening?
Google has a responsibility under Chapter 3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code to collect tax info from all monetizing creators outside of the U.S. and deduct taxes in certain instances when they earn income from viewers in the U.S.

For creators outside of the U.S., we will soon be updating our Terms of Service where your earnings from YouTube will be considered royalties from a U.S. tax perspective. This may impact the way your earnings are taxed, and as required by U.S. law, Google will deduct taxes.

How will my earnings be impacted?
If you provide your tax info, U.S. taxes may only be applied to your monthly U.S. earnings from AdSense (revenue earned from viewers in the U.S. through ad views, YouTube Premium, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Channel Memberships). If no tax info is provided, your tax rate may default to the higher individual backup withholding rate (24% of total earnings worldwide). To estimate the potential impact on your earnings follow these instructions.

The YouTube Team”

I uploaded a video with same title yesterday. I filled in the tax form. However, this is updated version. The old video has been deleted. More than views and watch time, I’m concerned about providing correct information to all my students to the best of knowledge. There is buzz as we speak. Let see what comes next.

This is step by step guide to submit and fill in tax form (New Requirements for adsense/ youtube content creators who have monetized their channels).

All steps are correct except one crucial information that was optional but we missed. Tax Identification Number (TIN) is CNIC for Pakistan and I think PAN for India. Please consult your local tax advisors. They are the masters of the field. Fill in your name, select individual, non citizen, permanent address, mailing address (if different)…

We have time till May 2021. We can easily submit new form. Tax policies , all over the world, are being revised. Try to be crystal clear. Do not hide behind any sort of curtains. If you’re earning online, let your government/s know the means and resources (platforms etc). No harm in it. It’s in our favor.

Accept my apologies (if you think it’s needed).

Farooq Shah