New Features CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 – Pro Series – Explained in Urdu – Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : September 23, 2018

New CorelDRAW Features and Enhancements Explained in Urdu – Hindi with practical examples. Easy to follow along for beginner to intermediate level graphic designers.

The Corel Company recently added new features to their CorelDRAW and enhanced a lot many things upon user feedback gathered from professionals. This tutorial starts our new tutorials series in Urdu & Hindi. It’s about professional handling of the software. In this tutorial, we discussed all prominent updates and features, announced for CorelDRAW and other Corel products, one by one with project-like practical examples.

Following are the main enhancements (and new features that shipped with CorelDRAW 2018 Graphics Suite):

1- Symmetry Tool
2- Add Perspective
3- Apply Envelope to Bitmap
4- Add Depth with Block Shadow
5- Movement with Impact Tool
6- Pointillizer Effect
7- PhotoCocktail Effect
8- Project Timer
9- Publish to WordPress
10-Enhanced Live Sketch
11-Align & Distribute Nodes and
12-Fit Objects to Path

Likewise, UI has also been upgraded and new enhancements made to improve overall look and feel. Also, the icons are sleek and modern. The old fill and outline panels are also touched for enhanced features.

First of all we discussed Symmetry Tool. A wonderful utility to create symmetrical designs, artwork and patterns etc. We can right click on Corel DRAW document and create a new symmetry or we can go to object and select symmetry from there. When it is created, we see a dotted line. We can align that guide as per our needs. We can also use all tools from the toolbox as we usually do with other objects. We did discuss in detail all features and built in power of this tool in easy to understand way. We created patterns for a certificate design (Demo).

Then we discussed about Perspective. Now we can add perspective to text, shapes or bitmaps etc. We can find this effect under CorelDRAW’s effect menu. Its operation is very simple. All we need is to select the object, place it where we want it to be displayed in perspective and apply effect. Then we can adjust all nodes accordingly. We imported a couple images and experimented by adding perspective in coreldraw.

CorelDRAW also introduced Envelope Effect for Bitmap. This behaves same as Warp Effect in Adobe Photoshop.

We also learnt about adding depth with the help of newly added block shadow (we can find it under drop shadow tool flyout). Block Shadow can help us create long shadows in this software. Then we discussed in detail both Impact Tool features i.e. Radial and Parallel. After that, we explored two new effects to apply pointillizer and PhotoCocktail Effect. We created a custom heart shape with the help of basic shapes and applied it to pointillizer effect. We also typed letter ‘F’ and did the same thing. Likewise, we browsed for a folder path and selected 96 images to create mosaic effect right within CorelDRAW with the help of Photo Cocktail Effect (from the effects menu).

We also explored Project Timer and tried to learn how we can make use of its power to edit title of the project, reset counter and export the time log as txt file or CSV.

Publish to WordPress is one of the newest features. We can now easily export for WordPress right from Coreldraw window (Same as we export other objects). With this utility, we can directly upload media to WordPress Library.

We talked about ways to align nodes and distribute them accordingly. It has become easy for professional graphic designers and corel draw users to work on nodes easily.
We were used to applying text to a custom path. Now we can do the same with objects. We explored how Fit Objects to Path feature can help us create some interesting objects.

Finally we moved on towards Enhanced Live Sketch. Discovered how it behaves and what are different property bar options available tp us while sketching.

Wish you good luck in your learning endeavors and freelancing career.

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