Mindset of Successful Brands – Get Ready – Mission9MB
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : March 9, 2020

Are you ready to enter Digital Advertising and Marketing field? Do you have that mindset? Are you ready to be a brand? Let’s learn and earn together.

Introductory message with practical steps. First things first. Create Social Media Profiles/ Accounts if you don’t have already. If you have, follow the instructions. Keep your profiles professional and clutter-free. Unlike all irrelevant and bogus pages that ruin your newsfeed with negativity and hatred. Say NO to Fake News and let’s be the folks with functional brains. To succeed in Online Marketing (Affiliate or otherwise), your mindset plays a vital role. Your online presence must reflect how professional you are. Got it?

So, the message of this video is to get ready. No more fake talks. Let’s be practical and do some business. No more hollow slogans. All steps practical. Learn. Apply. Earn.

In this video, I quoted a couple examples from Natural World. I talked about elephants, lions, hyenas and bees just to make my point clear. I believe you’d get the central message. Make sure you follow the instructions as I say. It’s a must. I know what’s next. Get ready.

Hello, this is Farooq, and I’m online for you. This is #Mission9MB and all my Spartans are already part of it. Let’s win together. Let’s be real brands. Let’s influence the market the Spartans’ way. Let’s be logical please. A clutter free mind is more productive. Same is the case with clutter free online presence. Tell the world who you are. Your profiles reflect your personality. So, let the clients and international businesses feel the positive reflection. Respect community and propagate peace and mutual success. We need to be ambassadors of passion against poverty. You getting my point?

Let’s create some buzz. Let’s live with dignity and pride.
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