M3T7 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Manual WP Migration Step by Step – Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : March 9, 2021

Task 7 of Backup and Migration Module 3 of Learn WordPress to Earn Course under #WPSpartans300 Refueled Mission 2021.

In this task of Free WordPress Training for absolute beginners, we discussed the following steps:

1) How to use Astra Theme Templates.
2) How to use ftp to manually upload files to live server?
3) How to use cpanel to manually upload zip file (WordPress) and extract them
4) How to export database from localhost?
5) How to manually upload database (sql file) to phpmyadmin of live server?
6) How to decide which files and directories to migrate?
7) How to create database from cpanel and how to add user to newly created database?
8) How to change urls from phpmyadmin and via sql queries
9) How to edit wp-config.php?
10) How to recreate .htaccess with the help of permalinks settings?
11) What is Error establishing a database connection and how to resolve?
12) How to create and delete FTP accounts via cpanel?

In short, we tried to learn manual migration step by step.


Farooq Shah
Your WordPress Instructor / Trainer