M3T4 – Learn WordPress to Earn – CPanel FTP Guide – Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : March 3, 2021

Free WordPress Course : Learn WordPress to Earn under #WPSpartans300 Refueled Mission 2021. This is Task 4 of Module # 3 (Backup & Migration).

This task covers the following topics :
1) What is WHM (Web Host Manager) (Reseller Account)
2) What is CPanel and Plesk
3) Different Types of Hosting
4) How to change look and feel of cpanel?
5) How to upload files to cpanel?
6) How to edit files via cpanel editor?
7) How to configure cpanel settings to hide show hidden files?
8) How to extract and compress files/ folders via cpanel?
9) Types of domains : Main Domain (Primary Domain) , Addon Domain, Aliases and Subdomains.
Addon is a separate domain with its own content and unique look and feel. We can host multiple addon domains on our host (as per the plan). Aliases are parked domains basically point to main domain (via masking etc). A sub domain , as the name states, is sub folder on top of main site folder. It has its own url, content and look and feel etc. We need to purchase aliases and addon domains. However subdomains usually come free with hosting plan.
10) How to create Database and User via cpanel database wizard?
11) How to access phpmyadmin via cpanel?
12) Step by step fundamental guide of all cpanel categories.
13) What is hot linking?
14) What are cron jobs?
15) How to generate SSH keys (Public & Private)
16) How to block annoying IPs?
17) What is IP Address , Domain Name and Nameservers etc?
18) What is Leech Protection?
19) How to back and restore via cpanel Backup Wizard?
20) What is FTP? We discussed Cyberduck (WordPress Recommended), FileZilla and WinSCP.
21) How to download FileZilla and install on Windows 10?
22) FileZilla Basic Guide (Step by Step)
23) How to change PHP version?
24) How to redirect (Temporary and Permanent Redirection)?
25) How to use Google Search Engine to get needed information instantly.

As always, a lot many tips….

Farooq Shah
Your WordPress Instructor / Trainer