M3T1 – Learn WordPress to Earn – WP BackUP Getting Started : Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : February 27, 2021

Task # 1 of Module # 3 of Learn WordPress to Earn Course under #WPSpartans300 Refueled Mission 2021 about WordPress BackUP and Migration.

Throughout this module, we’ll learn about different methods to backup, clone and migrate WordPress Website / Blog from Localhost to Localhost, Server to Server, One Directory to another Directory and from sub domain to root directory etc.

WordPress BackUP is one of the several security protocols to keep things in place in case of emergency. We need to perform Regular Backups of our own sites/ blogs and of the sites of clients (Upwork/ Fiverr etc). This is ‘Getting Started Task). In this task, we discussed in detail the following areas of Migration and Backing Up WordPress:

1) What is backup and how does it work? What is its importance?
2) How to backup database and files?
3) Automatic Backup Vs Manual Backup
4) How to search, install and configure UPDraftPlus for WP BackUP & Restore?
5) How to connect and configure Google Drive and DropBox with UpDraftPlus Plugin?
6) What is authentication?
7) How to connect our computer with dropbox cloud and sync files?
8) How to download backed up files?
9) How to restore a deleted WordPress Website?
10) How to clone a local copy of a website?
11) How to access updraft folder in wp-content?
12) How to download and share any folder from Google Drive?
13) What is ability to restore/ retrieve backups?
14) Partial or complete backups?
15) Also referred additional plugins such as BackUp Guard, All in One WP Migration and Duplicator etc.
16) How to create a new WordPress website via Laragon (Local Web Development Environment)

And as always a lot many professional tips for your freelancing success.

Farooq Shah
Your WordPress Trainer / Instructor