M1T5 – Learn WordPress to Earn – Complete Dashboard Guide 2021 in Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : January 20, 2021

WordPress Admin Dashboard Complete Step by Step Guide in Urdu – Hindi under #WPSpartans300 Mission. This is Module 1 and Task 5 of absolutely free course i.e. Learn WordPress to Earn.

This single tutorial will fulfil all your learning needs for sure. Each and everything you see in the admin dashboard is discussed in detail. From icon of WP to Version number. First of all, we talked about Facebook Poll regarding Local Web Development Environment Choices. XAMPP is the winner indeed. You can use any software such as XAMPP, Wampserver, Laragon.Bitnami or Local by Flywheel. If you can see WP backend, you are good to go.

WordPress Admin Dashboard Walkthrough / Tour 2021 :
1) We talked about Welcome Screen Widgets i.e. Welcome, At a glance, Site Health Status, Quick Draft, Activity and WordPress Events and News in detail.
2) We learnt how to enable, disable and move (drag and drop) the widgets.
3) We also talked about WordPress Updates and how sometimes briefly unavailable error occurs. When it happens, we need to delete a .maintenance file from the root directory.
4) We learnt how to update, install and delete (manually and via backend) themes and plugins.
5) What are posts and pages? How to add new?
6) How to create categories and tags?
7) How to approve, trash or spam comments?
8) How to search themes from WordPress Repository/
9) How freelancers can use WordPress to enhance their Fiverr, Upwork, Furu etc profiles as highly skilled persons.
10) How to customize
11) How to create menus?
12) How to add users and set up their profile and roles.
13) How to manage WordPress Settings Tab to moderate comments.
14) How to discourage search engines and set homepage (static) from reading tab.
15) How to set up privacy page?
16) How to get seo optimized urls.
17) What is site health and we can improve site performance
18) What are screen options and help tab?
This is the video I mentioned in the tutorial (Download Commercially Free images/ Assets etc):

If you want to master WordPress Admin Dashboard, do not miss this. It’s indeed the masterclass for my spartans i.e. Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Learn All Bits and Pieces of the WP Backend.

Farooq Hussain Shah