Location Specific Keyword Research for Local SEO 2020 – Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : February 17, 2020

Another Free SEO tool to find out Location-wise Keywords especially for Local SEO . Tutorial is under #Mission9MB by Saad Ali Bhatti

In the previous tutorial, we discussed how to use Google Keyword Planner to find out keyword variations. In this tutorial, we learnt about some other free seo tools. For example, if you or your client is offering services in Solar Panels in specific areas or locations, so, we will have to mention that region as well. It helps businesses appear in search results the right way.

Step by step, these seo tools were explained to help freelancers work on their freelancing or non-freelancing projects.

Free SEO Tools Link as described in the tutorial

In next tutorial, we’ll discuss one of my favorite tools for keywords.

And much more as always…. Journey continues… #Mission9MB continues…

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