Literary Side of Freelancing Coin -15 Days more and I’ll be Back Spartans
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : October 16, 2019

Dear and Respected Spartans and Mission 9 MB Students! Give me 15 more days and I’ll be back with passion-filled-moves. 15 more days are needed for my thesis. I know you have been waiting anxiously. I respect your love. I won’t forget these feelings.

#WPSpartans300 and #Mission9MB will be resumed after 15 days. If I don’t come back, I’ll accept my defeat.

I also introduced in this session. Unboxed a book pack. Just to share Literary Side of Freelancing Coin. I believe freelancers from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh will get some inspiration. Education is the key. Always remember. I ordered a lot many books online, and received all books in good shape and condition.

My name is Farooq, and my passion will never fade. Thank you for your trust and confidence. I won’t let you down. More 15 days, and BOOM. Buzz will be here. As always.

Stay blessed!