How to Use Shaper Tool in Illustrator – All Illustrator Tools Explained in Urdu – EP16
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : January 20, 2018

All Adobe Illustrator Tools Explained in Urdu is our new playlist. This 16th tutorial is all about How to Use Shaper Tool in Illustrator. Its keyboard shortcut is “Shift + N”. The Shaper Tool has revolutionized the way we were used to creating Vector Shapes, Symbols , Logo Elements in Adobe Illustrator.

All new versiosn of Illustrator has this tool in the tool bar.

With Shaper Tool, we don’t need to hold any additional key. We can create almost all sort of vector shapes with its help. It was basically introduced for Touch Devices ; however, it’s great for those who use mouse to draw and create. It is very easy to use tool. All we need is to draw roughly a shape. For example if we mouse our mouse in almost circular way, the intelligent Illustrator’s Shaper Tool will guess our desire and we’ll have a perfect circle. Same is the case with other shapes such as Square, Polygon, Triangle etc.

In this tutorial, we also created different example shapes to understand the effectiveness of shaper tool. We also exprimented how to create kite in the Illustrator with just two shapes. To merge two shapes, we can draw wiggly wobbly lines and boom.

Our first playlist ‘All Photoshop Tools Explained in Urdu’ was a big success. Thank you that you liked and shared and expressed your interest. We promise you another wonderful complete series about Illustrator Tools in Urdu. Here it goes. 2018 is the year of your success. And we wish you dignified passion ahead and a WOW success in the freelancing world.

Illustrator is amazing vector based software. Blessed with a wonderful community worldwide and a lot many resources available online and offline, Adobe Illustrator is leading the market.

We can use Illustrator to create icons, draw objects, illustrate anything that we can imagine including mountains, characters, logos etc.

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