How to Use Selection Tools in Illustrator – All Illustrator Tools Explained in Urdu – EP4
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : December 29, 2017

All Adobe Illustrator Tools Explained in Urdu is our new playlist. This 4th tutorial is all about How to Use Selection Tools in Illustrator. The following selection tools were discussed in detail along with relevant examples:

1) Selection Tool. Keyboard shortcut is letter ‘V’.
2) Direct Selection Tool. Keyboard shortcut is letter ‘A’.
3) Group Selection Tool. Keyboard shortcut is not assigned by default; however, we can if needed.
4) Magic Wand Tool. Keyboard shortcut is letter ‘Y’, and
5) Lasso Tool. Keyboard shortcut is letter ‘Q’.

This 4th Illustrator Tutorial in Urdu discusses:

1) How to use selection tool in Illustrator?. We compared it with Adobe Photoshop’s Move Tool.
2) How to use Direct Selection Tool in Illustrator? Also discussed adobe Photoshop’s Direct Selection Tool which is also known as the white arrow tool.
3) How to use Group Selection Tool in Illustrator? We also discussed its features and demonstrated its usage.
4) How to use Magic Wand Tool in Illustrator? We also discussed stand alone options panel for this tool that we can access either by double clicking on this tool or from the Windows Menu in the Illustrator Menu Bar.
5) How to use Lasso Tool in Illustrator? It’s very interesting tool and it’s used to select anchors in complex objects usually. Very handy tool indeed.

We also discussed about Reverse Engineering. This is very useful with the help of the most powerful Illustrator Panel i.e. The Appearance Panel. We can examine, observe and see how seniors create vectors and what effects do they apply and how they set different blending modes and opacity levels etc.

We also discussed an Illustrator Tip to create color group from selected artwork.

In this 4th Illustrator Tut, we also discussed:

1) How to group and ungroup different objects? Keyboard shortcut keys for Grouping is Ctrl + G and to ungroup, we use Shift + Ctrl + G.

Our first playlist ‘All Photoshop Tools Explained in Urdu’ was a big success. Thank you that you liked and shared and expressed your interest. We promise you another wonderful complete series about Illustrator Tools in Urdu. 2018 is the year of your success. And we wish you dignified passion ahead.

Illustrator is amazing vector based software. Blessed with a wonderful community worldwide and a lot many resources available online and offline, Adobe Illustrator is leading the market. We can use Illustrator to create icons, draw objects, illustrate anything that we can imagine including mountains, characters, logos etc.

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السٹریٹر کے تمام ٹولز کا تعارف اور اُن کے استعمال کا طریقہ کار ہماری اس سیریز میں شامل ہو گا۔ فوٹوشاپ کی طرح السٹریٹر کے تمام ٹولز کے ٹیوٹوریلز بالکل مفت ہوں گے۔ ہم آپ سے بس دعاؤں کا تقاضا کرتے ہیں۔
ہنر سیکھیں۔ آگے بڑھیں کیونکہ ہنر کامیابی کی سیڑھی ہے۔