How to Use Reflect Tool in Illustrator – All Illustrator Tools Explained in Urdu – EP23
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : January 25, 2018

All Adobe Illustrator Tools Explained in Urdu is our new playlist. This 23rd tutorial is all about How to Use Reflect Tool in Illustrator.

The reflect tool in Illustrator is very simple but frequently used. Its keyboard shortcut is letter ‘O’. We can access this tool from the tool bar or by pressing ‘o’. It has its own stand alone options panel as well. When reflect tool is selected, we can see a pivot point. This is the axis on which something is reflected. Is is also called anchor point, center point or origin point. We can move this point with the help of mouse or fingers (for touch devices) only if the reflect tool is selected from the tool bar. We can also access options box by pressing Alt Key and clicking on a point where we want rotation to take place.

In its options box, we can set horizontal or vertical axis, and we can reflect the object as per desired angle as well. Reflect Tool can help us complete half created shapes. In this tutorial, we created an half pot and then reflected it to make it full vector shape.

We also demonstrated how to create vector patterns in the Illustrator with the help of Reflect Tool.

Our first playlist ‘All Photoshop Tools Explained in Urdu’ was a big success. Thank you that you liked and shared and expressed your interest. We promise you another wonderful complete series about Illustrator Tools in Urdu. Here it goes. 2018 is the year of your success. And we wish you dignified passion ahead and a WOW success in the freelancing world.

Illustrator is amazing vector based software. Blessed with a wonderful community worldwide and a lot many resources available online and offline, Adobe Illustrator is leading the market.

We can use Illustrator to create icons, draw objects, illustrate anything that we can imagine including mountains, characters, logos etc.

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