How to spy on competitors and find their keywords – SEO Guide 2020 – Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : February 29, 2020

This tutorial is about spying on competitors’ keywords and competing the right way to get organic traffic. This is part 10 of complete SEO Guide 2020 under #Mission9MB by Saad Ali Bhatti.

In the previous tutorial, we learnt about using ahrefs paid features and we discussed how to find and filter the best keywords for a specific niche. We also learnt about selecting and exporting desired keywords and key phrases keeping in view certain parameters.

This tutorial is a step forward. We learnt about doing sort of reverse engineering to find out keywords that our competitors or our clients’ competitors are regretting in a specific niche. Watch with full attention, and as we are moving logically to a more practical zone of SEO step by step.

Following is the video I mentioned in the tutorial. Please do watch this if you missed it as it would help in learning the concepts I shared in current tutorial.

How to Do Keyword Research with AHREFS :

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