How To Make One Page WordPress Website 2020 | Divi 4 | Mission Divi Zee
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : January 6, 2020

2020 is here so is #Zeerak. In this very first video of #MissionDiviZee’s Phase 3, Zeerak showed us how he created his personal one page portfolio website using the Divi theme. He shared with us each and everything from the creation of header to the custom footer.
Some important things that Zeerak shared with us in this tutorial:
1- How to add a cool typing effect animation ( 06:00 – 11:15)
2- How to add a cool on hover Border Animation to an image ( 16:25 – 17:20)
3- How to showcase your project/portfolio/work in a cool way ( 45:00 )
4- How to use the Divi 4.0’s #ThemeBuilder to create a simple but elegant footer ( 62:30 – 63:10)
If you’re looking for a great, elegant yet simple design to showcase a company’s portfolio on a single page, then this design might be the right one.
What do you think, Should Zeerak switch his Green Color Scheme to Yellow?

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