How to Make an E-Commerce Site With Divi | Part 1 | Mission Divi Zee 2020
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : March 31, 2020

In second video of #MissionDiviZee’s Phase 3, Zeerak showed us how to make an e-commerce site using the Divi theme. In the first part of this mini series Zeerak designed the home page of the site, where he picked the E-book layout and designed a beautiful landing page for the E-commerce product. He shared with us the power of divi’s all new Scroll Effects and Position options.
Some important things that Zeerak shared with us in this tutorial:
1- How to design a beautiful background with gradient and patterns.
2- How to use the Scroll Effects to make our text module come down with us on scroll down.
3- How to use the Scroll Effects and Position Options to make a stunning product discount section.

In the next part Zeerak will install the woocommece module and explore the divi’s woo modules.

Watch the second part here:

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