How to Install WAMPSERVER and WordPress on Localhost in Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : January 19, 2021

WordPress Local Development Environment is the first step to start learning the CMS to earn online on Upwork, Fiverr, Guru etc as Freelancers.
This is 1st follow up video for #WPSpartans300 – Refueled Mission 2021 and we have started absolutely free premium quality course to help, motivate and guide young souls step by step. We are learning WordPress to Earn (without coding). This is Module 1 (Introduction and Installation). This course is being offered in Urdu and Hindi with English Terms on and off.
Either you are coding themes or plugins or you are simply editing and managing the content, you need to practice on localhost before you could go live on production site. To start working locally, we need to make our computers localhosts. For that, we need some kind of software to manage php, mysql and apache/ nginx services i.e. WAMPSERVER.

Wamp server installation guide, step by step :

Step 1 : Download the software from (32 bit or 64 bit)
Step 2 : Install the software on your machine.
Step 3 : Download Latest Version of WordPress from Official Website. Extract and put the folder in WWW folder in the drive you installed wampserver. Rename the folder wordpress as per your needs. For example, we renamed it as FarooqVision.
Step 4: Run the Wampserver. There are three colors i.e. Red, Yellow, and Green. If icon is red, it means the server is not running. Yellow means it’s getting ready or halted for some technical reason. Green means it’s ready to run required apache services etc.
Step 5: Open browser and type localhost/your site name. Hit enter.
Step 6: Select Language.
Step 7 : Go to localhost/phpmyadmin. Create database. Copy the name.
Step 8 : Install WordPress Step by step. Fill in the required information as shown in tutorial.
Step 9: Login Admin Dashboard
Step 10: You are ready to start learning WordPress to Earn.

Farooq Hussain Shah
Freelance Pakistan