How to Install Laragon to Set Up WordPress Development Environment 2022 in Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : September 15, 2022
Step by step guide to install latest Laragon and WordPress on localhost. We also updated PHP, MySQL and added phpMyAdmin in Laragon. We fixed errors as well. It’s a step by step guide for WordPress Beginners/ Developers. In this tutorial, we also discussed Laragon Preferences, Database, Terminal and Menu Items etc. We answered the following questions: 1) How to download and install Laragon in 2022 2) How to update PHP in laragon 3) How to update MySQL in Laragon 4) How to add phpMyAdmin in laragon. 5) How to install WordPress with Laragon Localhost. WordPress Spartans 300 Facebook Group (Very vibrant community) Freelance Pakistan Facebook Group Regards, Farooq Freelance Pakistan