How to Find Long Tail Keywords with SOOVLE – Free Keyword Research Tool – Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : February 24, 2020

Soovle , one of the best Free Keyword Research Tools is the topic of this tutorial under #Mission9MB and Complete SEO Training 2020 by Saad Ali Bhatti. Let’s find longtail keywords together.

As we are discussing Free Keyword research tools, this is yet another wonderful tool that freelancers and seo sellers can use to enhance their freelancing reach on Upwork, Fiverr and etc. Also, same tools can be used for offline SEO projects. Always remember! First step is to find the right keyword with right frequency.

In next tutorial, I’ll share a couple paid tools that I mostly use (and I believe all professional SEO experts use them too such as ahref etc. is the link, we discussed and played around.

Very much like Google Search bar, the soovle bar lets us enter a seed keyword and find related search quries, questions or variations etc. I searched a couple keywords to make my point clear. The best thing about this free tool is that we can drag and drop selected keywords (long tail etc) and download in a spreadsheet format. Furthermore, we can also print our searched key strings.

Soovle fetches data from different sources including Google and YouTube. Do use that tool. It’s very easy. And yes, it’s all free.
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