How to Draw Banners – Badges – Shields – Stickers – Tags in Adobe Illustrator – Urdu – Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : March 10, 2018

How to Draw Banners , Ribbons, Labels, Badges, Shields, Stickers and Tags in Adobe Illustrator [Urdu – Hindi]

Another Mega Tutorial for those in need of One Window Solution. Learn to create Vectors with ease and creativity. In this tutorial, we discussed the importance of Promotional Material in Advertising and Marketing. We talked about Print, Electronic and Traditional Door to Door Marketing Campaigns. The use of ribbons, banners, tags, shields and stickers is still very hot. Apparently, these seem small things but in the online and offline projects, they are of great importance. A Graphic Designer/ Illustrator must know how to quickly make this stuff.

We also searched Google to see how designers are creating these things. Then we started with Banner Design in Adobe Illustrator. Step by step, we designed and created the following:

1. Different Banners
2. Badges in Illustrator
3- How to draw a nice looking shield with and without Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator.
4- How to create curled stickers and how can we add or delete anchor points.
5- We also designed Clothing Tags

Our main focus was the following tools and panels:

1- Pathfinder Panel
2- Shape Builder Tool
3- Object Menu to have Offset Path, Add Anchor Points and Divide Objects Below.
4- Pen tool and additonal tools.
5- Recolor Artwork (We demonstrated how to recolor any artwork quickly to get desired color scheme in Adobe Illustrator.

We also usedIllustrator 3D Revolve panel to create a modern, nice looking banner cum ribbon for marketing purposes.

We used Flat UI and Material App colors throughout this tutorial. We can easily get these colors online.

Enjoy the tutorial. Instead of making several small videos, the idea was to give you all Graphic Design Tips, Secrets and Techniques in just one long video so that you could watch it when you need it. This tutorial will definitely help freelancers working and providing Graphic Design Services to International Clients via Upwork, Fiverr , 99 Designs, Freelancer dot com and People per hour etc.

There are different methods to accomplish a task within Illustrator. These are the methods that I learned over the years (From seniors and from my own mistakes, experience and exposure). We all go through the same process of learning. We share what we know and we find the sources from where we can know what we need to know.

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