How to Do Keyword Research with AHREFS – SEO 2020 – Urdu | Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : February 26, 2020

This tutorial is about ahrefs paid tool to do keyword research under Complete Free SEO Training in Urdu – Hindi under #Mission 9MB
In earlier tutorials, we explored free keyword research tools. Ahrefs is premium tool. With paid, there come a lot many premium features that SEO experts can use. So, we explored how this tool can be used to find right keywords for general seo purpose and especially for Amazon Affiliate Program (Soon, we’ll start learning about this step by step).

Also talked about filters (introductory stage). Mainly our focus was on keyword ideas. We can select and export key phrases too in spreadsheet format. We have different options to group keywords (clusters), as per word count etc.

On and off, I shared with you how to use these keyword findings/ ideas. Referred a few useful websites to make my point. Hints for you all.

SEO journey continues. Mission ( MB continues. Keep on learning.

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