How to Deliver Submit and Complete Your Order on Fiverr – Freelancing in 2019
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : April 13, 2019

How to deliver, submit and complete order on Fiverr to get paid in 2019? This was your demand. Watch and learn from Saad Ali Bhatti.

Saad Ali is University Student. He works online to manage his educational expenditures. He is doing great. He shares his Freelancing experience, exposure and tips with fellow students who are already on Fiverr or they are willing to work online and earn money while working from home.

He dedicated 2018 for Fiverr Complete Guide Tutorials Series. Now this is Freelancing Series 2019.

In this tutorial, Saad Ali shares his experience with you regarding delivering order upon completion. He mentioned Google Drive and other Cloud Apps where you can upload files more than 1GB. Otherwise, you can upload screenshots, logos etc directly to Fiverr Client/ Buyer.

Once the order is delivered, Fiverr offers a message saying that ‘You order has been delivered and it will be completed/ finalized in a number of days. Once it’s done, you’ll get paid.

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