How to be Creative and Understand Color Theory – Graphic Design Mastery
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : November 5, 2018

How can I be a #Creative Person? How to understand Color and apply in professional Graphic Design Projects? What is Color Theory? And much more …

In this YouTube Premiere Session, my aim is to share with Graphic Artists, Freelancers and Youngsters my views on color and creativity. A few subscribers asked questions regarding creativity. Therefore, this session will cover :

1) Fundamental understanding of color and light.
2) How we perceive and interpret different colors?
3) What is radiation and reflection in color world?
4) How can Nature help us have better understanding of color and color combinations?
5) Importance of Harmony in one’s life and in graphic design projects?
6) What is symmetry and balance in terms of music etc?
7) A brief overview of religious, cultural, social and political perspective of colors. We’ll discuss major religions and their dominant color schemes i.e. Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism etc.
8) We’ll also discuss important Color Theory Terms (Glossary). Psychology? Philosophy?
9) We’ll discuss what’s main difference between Luma and Chroma?
10) What is value and saturation in color theory?
11) What are different color models? We’ll discuss RGB, RYB and CMYK.
12) What are Primary Colors?
13) What are Secondary and Tertiary Colors?
14) What do we mean by Monochromatic Color Scheme?
15) Complementary, Split Complementary, Double Complementary , Triad, and Analogous Color Schemes?
16) How to seek help from natural objects to create awesome color palette for our next graphic design project for our freelancing career (We’ll touch Color Picker of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDRAW). The principle remains same everywhere.
17) Additive Vs Subtractive?
18) How to understand Tint, Shade and Tone in Color Theory?
19) Human Skin and Makeup?
20) How to apply #Color Theory to wear nice looking dress (shirt, tie etc) For girls, we’ll talk about lip stick and other fashion related stuff.

I believe this will be very productive session for all. If you have any question after watching this, you can leave a comment. As always, please like and share this passion with passionate souls.

My name is Farooq, and this is #Freelance Pakistan. I’m thankful to all who are helping me grow this channel.