Google is Your Best Friend – How to Search Tips in Urdu – Hindi
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : January 17, 2021

Google is Your Best Friend. A couple very basic tips for the beginners to get from the search engine latest and updated stuff. This is follow up video under #WPSpartans300 – refueled Mission 2021 (Learn WordPress to Earn Free Course) in Urdu / Hindi.

Usually, the beginners get confused when they find an old video on YouTube about downloading some software. What happens? Things change. Software get updated. Sometimes, links are changed too. So, Google is your friend. Simply open the browser and search your query. For example:
1) How to install wampserver
2) How to install XAMPP
3) Find official website of the software you are trying to download. Get the latest updated version as per your machine / processor. If it’s 62 bit processor, you can download 64 bit or 32 bit. But if it’s 32 bit machine, go for 32 bit software. Basically 64 bit Vs 32 bit game is all about speed and efficiency and data handling.
4) Use Google Tools button on search engine (as shown in video). Select Past Month / year to find out the latest blogs / software etc.

Furthermore, we also talked about Chrome’s downloads section. Three ways to get to downloads area:

1) Use Chrome Settings. Click on download.
2) Use keyboard shortcut ctrl + j
3) Type chrome://downloads. Hit enter. Boom

These tips will help the beginners a lot.

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