Gadgets to Goals – Branding Tips and Secrets Revealed | Mission 9MB
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : May 17, 2019

You are already a YouTube Content Creator …. or you recently started your channel …or you are planning to have one. This is a must session for you to understand the least revealed secret in desi style.

Under #Mission9MB, another Facebook Live Session. Now it’s being uploaded on Freelance Pakistan YouTube Channel for your future reference and sharing.

This session was all about “Branding Tips and Secrets”. I started my discussion by explaining two words in Urdu i.e.

Mawad which is Stuff/ Gadgets/ Material/ Substance etc , and Murad which is the goal/s, aim/ ambition/ target/ mission/ destination etc.

The core message of the whole session was “Focused Approach”. I also coined the term “Campaign” to make my point clear.

Step by step, I explained how we started our channel. What is needed to have a channel on YouTube and earn money? What are community guidelines? Why channels get suspended? What are rules and regulations to be a brand in a justifiable and right manner?

Why and how to manage Facebook Pages/ groups in accordance with Twitter and other Social Media Profiles while maintaining logical flow of central message intact. As we do in advertising, we run media campaigns to build the image, so I used the same pattern here.

I tried to explain how and why some YouTubers succeed and on what grounds a few channels are suspended?

I also referred Freelancers and #WpSpartans300 who created their Facebook Pages upon my advice. I shared with them my insight and next steps. I advocated honest and focused approach. This is how I started this channel to help , motivate and guide young freelancers from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

I also mentioned youngsters from India from whom I learned a thing or two. Likewise, I mentioned Phlearn, one of the best YouTube Channels for Photoshop and Lightroom plus Photography tuts. I have a great regard for all, and I shared same feelings with my audience during live session.

I also mentioned the psychology behind likes and dislikes and the YT algorithm. I believe youngsters will find it very useful and productive. The main language was Urdu; however, a few sentences were also uttered in English in a natural way.

I also talked about gadgets we need to run a channel. What are pros and cons? What is the best and legal way to use images, audio, music tracks and other stuff etc. I stressed on not using copyrighted stuff if not permitted or allowed to do so. If you need to attribute, please do so. There is no harm in it. And, in the long run, it’s very productive if we follow YouTube Community Guidelines.

I also answered the following questions:

1) Can we earn via Facebook?
2) Can I have more than one YouTube Channel?
3) Can I have multipurpose YouTube Channel?
4) How to choose channel name?

And a few other things in between.

Hello, my name is Farooq Hussain Shah, and I’m a top rated UpWork Freelancer, a small business owner and an entrepreneur. I’m online for you. Keep on learning and earning with passion and commitment.

Stay blessed!
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