Freelancing Tips in Urdu – L x Earning | True Success Story of a Top Rated Pakistani Freelancer
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : August 17, 2017

True Success Story of a Top Rated Freelancer who made it this far only because he doubled his Learning. Once a writer is now a WordPress Developer, a Graphic Designer, an Illustrator, an NLE, and an Online Marketing Entrepreneur. He started from Scratch. He watched Tutorials for hours, again and again. Practiced what he learnt day and night. He is still on toes. You can write the success story of your own too. Just acquire The Right Skill, the Right Way. Understand L x Earning Method wisely.
فری لانسنگ میں کامیابی آپ کی محنت سے جُڑی ہے۔ جتنا گُڑ ڈالیں گے اُتنا میٹھا ہو گا۔
کامیاب فری لانسر بننے کے لئے بھرپور توجہ سے کام سیکھیں۔ اپنا لادو نکالیں۔ ٹف ٹائم لیں۔ محنت دشوار گزار راستہ سہی تاہم منزل روح کو سرشار کر دینے والی ہے

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