Freelancing Success in 2019 – Practical Tips from a Top Rated Freelancer
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : March 10, 2019

How to be a Successful Freelancer in 2019? Practical Tips from the one who is in the field and is Top Rated Freelancer himself with proven track record.

This was live FAQs session on Freelance Pakistan Facebook Group via Freelance Pakistan FB Page:

Freelancers and my Spartans asked a few questions (Yes, I can understand youngsters need to know this). So, it was great session. I thought I should share it on Freelance Pakistan YouTube Channel (Just in case you missed that).

In this FAQs, main questions asked were as under:

1) How to set Freelancing Parameters to stay intact in 2019?
2) How to convince clients and get projects?
3) Scope of Freelancing Projects/ Jobs in WordPress?
4) Additional chit chat and Community Building

#WPSpartans300 is a mission that I started in November 2018 to help, motivate and guide freelancers from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. This session was in Urdu / Hindi.

It gives me immense pleasure to see that students (especially girls) have started taking interest in Freelancing World. That’s a wonderful field for ladies.

Watch and Learn wise stuff.