Freelance Pakistan Promo 2019 – Vision and Mission
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : July 19, 2019

Freelance Pakistan Promo 2019 – New Wave of Never-Ending Passion and Commitment. A community of Freelancers from around the globe. Sharing Freelancing Tips and skills related tutorials since 2017.

When I started Freelance Pakistan YouTube Channel, no one was actively on board except me and my passion. Even my buddies stopped me going that way. However, I was certain that my voice will be heard.

And now, Tahir and Saad Ali along with other team members finally acknowledged the power of passion. Now we’re a team of freelancers serving freelancers. Helping, caring and sharing what we learnt over the years.

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It’s our aim to share Freelancing Tutorials, Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Techniques. We will cover Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, Applications and Software Development, Digital Marketing, Security, SEO i.e. Web and beyond. In advance, we thank you for Subscribing to our channel. We have a long way to go up the freelancing road. Rest assured you will get what we claim for. Boom!