Freelance Pakistan Message 2019 – The Uniqueness of Mankind – WP Spartans 300
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : February 25, 2019

Official Message from Freelance Pakistan (Farooq Shah) about our DNA and its Spiritual Significance i.e. The Uniqueness of Mankind. The message is in Urdu / Hindi.

This is a short message to keep my #WPSpartans300 motivated and energetic. We love change. We need change. This session is about my philosophical views on life, genetic code, human dna, our identity as unique species and our inheritance on this planet.

Youngsters may find it thought provoking.

Listen and Watch Carefully. You’ll get the central theme. Stay blessed.

Keep on learning. Keep on earning.

Start thinking about making progress in your life, and success is all yours. Believe me. The story begins with the way we think. Our thoughts are linked with our destined and logical life spectrum.

My name is Farooq Hussain Shah, and I’m Top Rated UpWork Freelancer. I started this channel to motivate and guide young Freelancers from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. I’m here for you. Get your part 🙂