Freelance Market in USA – Syed Tahir Rasul Represents Freelance Pakistan
By : Farooq Shah
Publish Date : November 4, 2019

Syed Tahir Rasul, a Top rated Freelancer and Entrepreneur is in New York these days representing Freelance Pakistan and exploring business opportunities over there.

He is a seasoned freelancer and indeed a pro programmer. We are hoping to have more freelancing tips and secrets from him very soon. In this video, he tells us about New York Market and introduces Roshni TV HD NYC (Our US face):

He also mentioned : and (Both businesses are serving clients abroad in the field of WordPress , Graphic Design and SEO etc.

Roshni HD NYC is a new set up. Let see where it goes and how it goes. Wish us good luck guys.

Tahir also encourages Freelancers of Upwork, Fiverr and other freelance job markets to stay connected and stay blessed for one another.

As long as , Syed Tahir Rasul stays in USA, we’re hoping to get more market insight. As I have been sharing with you all what I had learnt over the years, he is gonna follow the steps for sure. He is my hero.

We wish him all the best. I have also requested him to record his meetings with US based clients (If they allow). Also, I have asked him to visit Upwork Headquarter. Let see if this is convenient and possible for him to reach there.

Thank you, Freelance Pakistan Fans and Subs. You’re an inspiration for all of us, and we are trying to help you out as much as we can with limited resources. Stay blessed.

Wishing Tahir a wonderful US Trip.